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High School Winter Camp


Registration process




The RoboMaster 2020 High School Winter Camp, which is hosted by Shenzhen DJI Technology Co., Ltd., supported by many well-known science and technology universities enrollment offices and schools, is a platform tailored for high school students to improve their robotics skills and gain hands-on experience. DJI will recruit the most advanced high school students in the field of robotics, providing them with systematic training and professional mentors, and challenging them with cutting-edge research and development projects. Students will also attend university lab tours, lectures from professors in the robotics.

The winter camp is designed to create multidisciplinary integration for students, enhancing their teamwork and innovation through diversified activities. Additionally, the camp discovers and cultivates young talent by scientific and objective engineering talent evaluation system, harnessing their technical skills, and preparing them for future studies.

Organizational Unit

  • Host:

    Shenzhen DJI Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Supporting Universities:

    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Undergraduate Admissions Office
    South China University of Technology Undergraduate Admissions Office
    Huazhong University of Science and Technology Undergraduate Admissions Office
    Southern University of Science and Technology - School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing
    Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Undergraduate Admissions Office
    Northwestern Polytechnical University Undergraduate Admissions Office
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Division of Integrative Systems and Design

( The above universities are sorted by the initials of Pinyin )


Registration period

2019.11.1 - 2020.1.6


2019.11.11 - 2020.1.13

First batch of enrollees posted


Final batch of enrollees posted


Winter Camp

2020.2.2 - 2020.2.11

Note: The above is the tentative schedule. The actual arrangements will be as notified by RoboMaster.

Winter Camp Location

RoboMaster R&D Base,Shenzhen, China

Entry Requirements

High school students who are interested in research in the field of engineering are welcome to participate, and students who participate in the competition are required to have certain scientific and technological expertise. Students who have achieved excellent results in robot competition/algorithm competitions or who have science and innovation achievements are preferred.

Reference: RoboMaster 2020 Winter Camp Learning Guide Book

Exciting activities

Ice-breaking robotics competition
Professional Technical Theories Courses
Academic and Industrial Expert Lectures
Top Universities visit
Teamwork development and debugging robots
Challenging Robotics Competition
Graduation Technical Defense
Young Engineers Sharing Session
Ice-breaking robotics competition
Professional Technical Theories Courses
Academic and Industrial Expert Lectures
Top Universities visit
Teamwork development and debugging robots
Challenging Robotics Competition
Graduation Technical Defense
Young Engineers Sharing Session


  • Identify Your Dream School In Advance

    Close cooperation with a number of universities in which campers with excellent comprehensive assessment results will be included in the RoboMaster talent pool. The talent pool will actively recommend outstanding talents to top universities with students’ files.

  • High Quality Certificates

    Excellent performers will receive an Internship Certificate from Shenzhen DJI Technology Co., Ltd., a RoboMaster Certificate of Completion and DJI RoboMaster Reference Letter.

  • Challenging Competition Tasks

    Challenge interesting robot competition missions. Learn skills and collide with outstanding peers. Experience the fun of turning whimsy into reality.

  • Upgrade Knowledge Base

    DJI R&D engineers will be mentors in the winter camp, from mechanical design and processing, hardware principles to embedded implementation, and control parameter debugging, allowing students understand robotics quickly. Listen to lectures by well-known experts from academia and industry in colleges and universities to expand students’ industry vision.

  • Close to Cutting-edge Technology

    Visit the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Robotics Laboratory and well-known technology companies. Free use of a variety of advanced research and development equipment in DJI.

  • Rich Rewards

    Top three teams that won the final match will receive DJI's popular product rewards.


  • 1st Place

    RoboMaster S1


  • 2nd Place

    Osmo Pocket


  • 3rd Place

    Osmo Mobile 3


Previous Campers

“To me, RoboMaster is not only a robotics camp, but more like a network that links me to my future career. I am very grateful for what RM offers.”

- Student Chen Tsinghua University 2017/2018 – Summer Camp

“Have fun, the most hardcore technic, definitely the best robotics camp in high school”

- Student Jin Harbin Institute Of Technology 2018 – Summer Camp

“The Winter Camp experience had been so great that I joined the high school student team for the RoboMaster Competition in the summer! I would like to thank RoboMaster again for having ignited my passion for robotics and inspired my career planning.”

- Student Jiang Carnegie Mellon University 2017– Winter Camp

“(RoboMaster Robotics camp) Here you can turn theory into practice and learn cutting-edge engineering knowledge.”

- Student Chen The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2018 – Summer Camp、2019– Winter Camp

“RoboMaster robotics camp has a very rich knowledge coverage. In my case, I not only learn mechanical knowledge, but also some algorithmic knowledge. It is a nice bridge between high school and university.”

- Student Luo The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2018– Winter/Summer Camp、2019– Winter Camp

“At the Winter Camp, designing an intelligent robot from scratch enabled us to build the spirit of teamwork and deepen our understanding of engineering practicability. I also believe that the RM Camp experience supported me to get my university offer.”

- Student Yang University of California, Berkeley 2018 – Winter Camp

“DJI RoboMaster high school summer camp brought me complete project experience, which made me grow a lot.”

- Student Tang Harbin Institute Of Technology 2019 – Summer Camp

“In the DJI RoboMaster Winter Camp, there is more than just knowledge, and the ability to constantly explore your own unknowns.”

- Student Xu Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2018– Winter Camp

“The RoboMaster robotics camp is perfect for students who are interested in mechanics and programming. Here, you can not only learn teamwork, think outside of the box, but also make a group of friends with similar hobbies.”

- Student Chen Southern University of Science and Technology 2018 – Winter Camp

Expense description

Winter camp is a free program, which offers free accommodation, meals, and in-camp insurance.

Campus Headhunter Recruitment for RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Winter Camp (High School students)

In order to find more high school students entering the field of engineers, the RoboMaster Organizing Committee has prepared a large prize pool for teachers, parents and students (Mavic 2 Pro, RoboMaster S1, Osmo Pocket, Tello, teacher qualification certificate, winter and summer camp visit quota, etc.) Recruitment of campus headhunters for high school students in the winter camp, the points can be redeemed for the corresponding prizes.


  • Telephone:+86 (0)755 36383269
  • WeChat:15012826035
  • The RoboMaster Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation

Q: I really want to participate, but I don’t have any robot-related skills. What should I do?

A: For details, refer to the RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Summer Camp Learning Tracks Reference.

Q: I am a middle school student, can I register for the high school winter/Summer camp?

A: Yes, you can register, but you will be reviewed based on the same standards and processes as the high school students.

Q: If I didn’t pass the interviews this year, can I apply again next year?

A: Yes. You may apply to the summer camp and winter camp each year.

(We hope that your annual growth will be comparable to the increase in the number of resumes we receive)

Q: What kinds of students can be admitted?

A: Students with excellent self-learning capabilities who are hands-on and can combine theory and practice. Students with open minds, adaptability, and willingness to accept challenges, as well as those who like to think independently, and are practical and modest.

Q: Can international students register?

A: Yes. We are open to high school students from all over the world. Each year, we have a few foreign and Chinese international students return to China to participate in the camps.

Q: How many offers will be sent out? How many spots are available per track? Can you provide a rough estimate or ratio?

A: There is no limit to the total number of offers or offers per track, and it is judged according to the performance of the applicants. Offers will be issued as long as they perform well.

Q: How do I view my own category? Such as embedded systems, mechanical, or algorithm?

A: The admissions group view the categories and the organizing committee makes reasonable suggestions according to the number of admissions. For specific information, it is necessary wait until the grouping rules are announced before entering the camp.

Q: I registered with a classmate. Can we be put into the same team? Is there a certain flexibility on how teams are formed?

A: Team formation will be announced before the start of camp. There will be a certain level of flexibility.


Q: Is the summer/winter camp held in Shenzhen?

A: Yes. The specific location will be announced in the camp manual.

Q: For this year's winter/summer camp, will we start R&D right away, or will there be a short robotics training course?

A: There is be an initial program discussion mixed with some training sessions. This year, student campers will have mentors and teaching assistants, etc.

Q: Are the awards given based on the final competition results?

A: No. The evaluation rules are based on small groups. Evaluations will be comprehensive and weighted according to the competition results, program evaluation, mentor’s evaluation, etc.

Robotics learning

Q: Are there recommended studying materials?

A: Yes. We have devised three tracks for study as a basic reference. Please refer to the RoboMaster 2020 Winter Camp Learning Guide.

Q: I’m lacking in a lot of technical skills and want to do some studying beforehand. Are there any recommended experienced teachers who can offer some assistance?

A: The official forum contains technical materials from previous winter/summer camps

Other RoboMaster technical materials


Q: Can family members accompany with students during the camp?

A: No.

Q: Will student campers be provided with computers to use during the winter/summer camp?

A: Yes. Based on the track of the student camper, we will provide a laptop or PC during the camp.

Q: Will student campers be provided with uniforms during the winter/summer camp?

A: Yes. Each year, 2-3 camp T-shirts will be given.

Q: Will there be an internship certificate for this year’s winter/summer camp?

A: Yes, after you have successfully entered the camp. RoboMaster will provide an English internship certificate template. Our staff will confirm the details with campers.

Q: If I need to miss classes to join the winter/summer camp, can the organizing committee issue me an official certificate of leave?

A: Yes, please contact RoboMaster staff.

  • 2019 Summer Camp for High School Students

    Campers need to build a fully automatic intelligent robot under the guidance of engineers.The robot needs to independently plan the path,move and make decisions in the game position and play a game against the opponent's robot. Robots need to allocate resources reasonably and place different numbers of energy balls to occupy the posts and roads. The final result was won by a team with more points.

  • 2019 Winner Camp for High School Students

    The 2019 RoboMaster High School Winter Camp core task: Under the guidance of DJI engineers, campers will learn to utilize the autonomous navigation technology to command robots to complete specific tasks in the maze game field.

  • 2018 Summer Camp for High School Students

    In the first stage, student campers designed a Standard with a grabbing mechanism. Then, students wrote an algorithm for connecting same colored building blocks to build a fortress and participated in a building blocks grab and transport competition. In the second stage, campers formed an alliance according to their performance ranking in the first stage. Alliances were divided into the attacking side and the defending side for a castle attack and defense battle.

  • 2018 Winner Camp for High School Students

    This camp was divided into two segments. In the first stage, students needed to design fully functional Standard robots and use them to compete in a first-person shooting competition. In the Second stage, they were required to optimize robot movement algorithms to allow robots to move freely through a course with different conditions, as well as equip their robots to complete specific tasks along the way.

  • 2017 Summer Camp for High School Students

    Students who attended the High School Summer Camp experienced the life of a robotics engineer. After learning the essential principles of robot design, students began a project of building their own machine for competition. The rules were simple: their robot must recognize and avoid obstacles in a field while finding and picking up target objects.

    • Summer camp opening ceremony

    • Research Demonstration from PhD Candidate of HKUST

    • Outdoor academic tutorial

    • Robot debugging

    • Control the robot to grab the obstacle

    • Robot Competition

  • 2017 Winter Camp for High School Students

    High school students were required to assemble fully autonomous Standard robots, programming them with visual recognition and image acquisition. In a test of these requirements, their robots were tasked to activate a Power Rune by accurately hitting figures in a 3×3 rectangular grid.

    • High School Students Visiting Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    • High School Students Assembling Robots

    • Tuning Robots Before the Competition

    • Hit Large Runes

  • 2016 Summer Camp for High School Students

    High school students were divided into pairs to modify Standard robots. They work together to write the necessary code for and control the robots, as well as design mechanical arms to grasping dolls of different shapes, 17mm projectiles, and golf balls to finish specified tasks in within 10 minutes.